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Where is the closest Crop Swap Hub and when are the gatherings?

Just go to Find a Crop Swap and have a look at the map. If you click one one of the little flags you will see the gathering time and venue.


Do I need to register to participate? 

No, you can simply turn up and join the fun whenever you feel like it.


What can I bring?

We share everything homegrown and homemade. Check out our home page for what to bring.  


What can’t I bring?

We are responsible for our own and each other’s  health. That means we leave things at home that have a poor quality and can be a risk.


Can I bring produce from other people?

Sure, why not? As long as they are good quality and others can make good use of them it’s fine. Thank you for helping to reduce waste!!!


I am not a gardener but would love to come, how can I participate?

Everyone loves homemade baking, jam, preserves etc. Maybe you are not a cook either? What gifts do you have that you would like to share with others? If you still don’t know just come to a Crop Swap meeting, this will give you heaps of ideas.


Does everything have to be organic?

We only have this one beautiful precious planet. We know quite well, what is harmful and what is beneficial for it’s ecosystems. As guardians of the earth we do our best to keep it healthy, everyone of us as good as we can. 


If I don’t have anything to swap can I bring money to pay for the produce?

Crop Swap exchanges are completely moneyless. This gives us a huge freedom because we are outside food sale regulations. Some Crop Swap hubs ask for a gold coin donation that goes towards the rent for the hall. Everything else is free!


Is it a lot of work to run a Crop Swap?

It is up to every Crop Swap guardian how much time and effort they want to put into their Crop Swap hub. The organisational part is very easy, it just needs that venue and the people. The whole Crop Swap movement however is so much fun and makes so happy that you might want to spend more time with it.  It’s your choice. Check out our home page for ideas on how to start a Crop Swap. 


How is a Crop Swap gathering structured?

A normal meeting takes about an hour. People come in time so they can set up their produce and have about half an hour for the chatty part. After an official welcome by the guardian everyone is invited to take a fair share of what they are interested in. After that everyone helps with the clean up. Every hub has it’s own rhythm and feel. Just go and experience it! A guide on how to be a Guardian can be found on our home page. 


What if there is a person who doesn’t behave in a fair way?

There are many answers to this question and everyone needs to find their own way of finding a good solution. Some of us relearn to be generous and fair, so the odd hick up can be part of the journey. While it is good to always look at the particular situation of the individual person (is he/she in need, how big is their family etc.) it is equally important to consider the needs for emotional safety of the group. The welcoming words of the guardian can give guidance and are setting the tone of a gathering. In tricky situations it might be helpful to revisit the values and act from a place of compassionate clarity. One to one conversations seem to be quite effective.



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